Vibration Therapy Ball Accessory

Looking for a hands-free recovery experience? With the Sidekick Sling, you can now use your Vibration therapy devices anywhere on your body, even on areas that are impossible to reach by yourself. Giving you better leverage for targeted muscle relief exactly where you need it most.  

The durable and stretchy Power Mesh pocket of the Sling safely secures your Flux or Fuse without restricting access to any of the controls or indicators, and the nylon bonded neoprene straps help you position and secure your Sidekick tool anywhere on your body. 

Perfect for delivering relief to your back, shoulders, legs, and any other muscles needing deep relief.


How does it work? 

Simply place your Sidekick Flux or Fuse into the mesh pouch of the Sling, position your device where you need treatment, use the neoprene handles to secure the Sling onto your body, and let your vibration therapy device deliver relief!



  • Great for using your Flux and Fuse on the go, or when traveling.
  • Makes it easy to apply vibration therapy on your hard to reach muscles.
  • Ideal for those with reduced mobility, disability, or injury, helps you recover safely.

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International Customers

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes we do!

Q: Can you tell me more details regarding the different shipping options?
A: Absolutely! All our shipments go through DHL, Fedex or Canada Post. Based on you location you will be given the best options available during checkout.

Q: Are there Duties and Taxes on international shipments?
A: Yes. Each country has different tariff charges which we have no control over, but it's likely you will be charged a duty and tax rate on your international shipment.